Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Delectable Story

Meg Cabot
451 pp.  Published 2010

Best known for her series “The Princess Diaries”, Meg Cabot has turned her sights from the Genovian government to the political world of vampires. 
Meena Harper, a dialogue writer for daytime soap opera Insatiable, loves her job and tolerates her co-workers.  A fan of Insatiable since she was a little girl, Meena strives to make the show the best on air.  But things turn ugly quickly when she is instructed to add vampires to the show.   Sick of the wave of vampires – or “monster misogynists” as Meena calls them – that have flooded popular culture, Meena balks at ruining her precious soap opera with the bloodsucking creatures.  
What Meena doesn’t know, however, is vampires are very real and she’s dating the Prince of Darkness himself.  Perhaps this explains why her ability to know when and how people are going to die (did I forget to mention that part?) doesn’t work with her already dead boyfriend.
Add in a vampire hunter, a jealous undead brother, and a royal assassination attempt and you have a riveting novel on your hands.
Part parody, part romance, part mystery, and part thriller Cabot weaves a delectable tale that you will really want to sink your teeth into (pun intended).

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