Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Story Well Sewn

Kristen Heitzmann
325 pp.  Published 2010

As a long time fan of Kristen Heitzmann, I was anxious to see what awaited me within the pages of Indivisible.  For anyone who has read Heitzmann’s earlier work be prepared.  This is not your typical Heitzmann novel.
Set in the small mountain town of Redford, Colorado, Indivisible’s story focuses on string of gruesome crimes (animals that have been surgically joined together) and the secrets that mingle in the town.  Chief of police Jonah Westfall has suffered more than his fair share of heartache and the horrific animal mutilations – along with his shared history with local shop keeper Tia Manning – begins to consume him.  Add in a mysterious new vet, a perky baker, a germ-a-phobic millionaire, a cantankerous and retired army sergeant, and housebroken coyote and you have a cast of characters that – while they sometimes fall flat – endear themselves to the reader.
Heitzmann’s storytelling kept me glued to the page, eager to find out the answer to the mystery.  Though it got frustrating at times that I felt I was walking in at the middle of a conversation –
Tia leaned out far enough to see the person approaching….he looked as ragged as a night spent with Johnny Walker, thought she didn’t smell it on him, had not, in fact, for years….His features were edged, and in an instant she realized what day it was. (p. 5)
All in all, Heitzmann’s produced yet another classic that will keep readers interested until the very last word.

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